Move In/Out Clean Scope of Work

 Move In/Out Cleaning

 A service to prepare the property for moving in or out! This cleaning entails dusting, vacuuming, and mopping throughout the whole house while focusing on deep cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen(s). Additional services for small fees available upon request.

*Cancellation fee – if cancelled within 24 hours of your scheduled clean a fee of $75.00 will be incurred.

 All Finished Areas & Bedrooms

❑ Spot dust: all ceiling fixtures, blinds, windowsills, ledges, mantels, baseboards and furniture

❑ Wipe noticeable stains on walls & switch plates

❑ Clean reachable interior windows (no windows that require a ladder to clean)

❑ Vacuum carpet and stairs

❑ Wet mop all hard surface flooring

❑ Sanitize all door handles


 Clean and Disinfect Surfaces

 Clean, Disinfect and Shine Showers and Tubs

 Clean and Disinfect Toilets Inside and Out

 Clean Doorknobs and Light Switch Plates

 Shine Fixtures

 Vacuum or Sweep and Wet Mop Floors

 Empty Trash (We Do Not Haul Off) 


 Clean and Disinfect Counter Tops

 Clean and Disinfect Doorknobs and Light Switch Plates

 Wipe out interior and exterior of Kitchen Cabinets

 Clean and Disinfect Sink

 Clean and Disinfect appliances (inside and out)

 Clean and degrease Inside of Oven

 Wipe out inside and outside Refrigerator

 Vacuum or Sweep and Wet Mop Floors

 Empty All Trash (We Do Not Haul Off)


❑ Wipe down front door/entrance way

Optional Add-Ons (vacant listings only)

❑ Garage Sweep Out

❑ Window wells

❑ Unfinished Basement Cleaning- dust and vacuum

❑ Deep clean/scrub all baseboards